Ruby Hansen Murray is a writer and photographer living on Puget Island in the lower Columbia River estuary. An enrolled member of the Osage Nation, her work has appearedin Wild in the Willamette, The Lake Rises, American Ghost: Poets on Life after Industry, The Salal Review, Oregon Humanities Magazine and National Public Radio. She has been awarded residencies at Playa, Jentel and Hypatia-in-the-Woods. She has studied at Warren Wilson College and teaches creative writing in varied community settings.

Shirley Kishiyama has been studying Chinese calligraphy and brush painting for the last few years. This may seem afield of the body of poetry she has put together over the past many years, but it is yet another form. In the Chinese tradition, calligraphy is highly revered because the visual and literal combine in one poetic presentation. Her goal is to compose poetry in the Chinese couplet format.

Elizabeth Simson Durant has been in love with poetry since her mother first read her “The Highwayman” as a child. Her poems have appeared in over two dozen literary journals and anthologies, including Atlanta Review, Versal, Kalliope, Comstock Review, and Earth’s Daughters. Elizabeth’s first chapbook, “Sea Change,” was published by Finishing Line Press in 2005. Although graduate school slowed her pace, Elizabeth still swims with the poemfish. She is the former Poetry Editor of Gertrude Press, a Portland-based literary small press showcasing the creative talents of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight supportive writers. Her volunteer work with Write Around Portland supports her belief that each person is a writer, with a spark of the Divine that they alone can bring to the world.

Vanessa Timmons is a writer, activist, and storyteller dedicated to exploring the healing power of words. She recently completed her guided journal The Way of The Heroine. She invites you to gather round and listen to the stories of life. Vanessa’s web site is